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I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Uber! Quick tips that helped me get hired

I recently started a new job at Uber, and there are many useful tips that can help you get a job in a big tech company.

Language: Pick the language in which you are more comfortable and brush up on some fundamentals. Uber has a predefined tech stack, but you can choose your preferred language for interviews. I did my testing with JavaScript, therefore MDN was my starting point.

System Design: Educative recently published an article that covers the System Design fundamentals.

Algorithms and Dynamic Programming: This video from freeCodeCamp, even lengthy, is a great starting point.

Behavioral interviews: Remember some situations when you helped your team in resolving issues, dealing with conflicts, or mentoring other software engineers. To learn the best way to answer the questions, watch the youtube channel Self-Made Millennial.

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Syed Afroz Pasha

Thank you for sharing this helpful information.