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Ruby is my go-to language anytime I need to just write some code to do something — perhaps cleaning up some messy data and output a CSV. Or running some quick stats on my bank transactions for the month or year. Or chaining a bunch of other things to get something done. I love Ruby's expressive syntax (which makes it fun to work with) and extensive built-in library (unlike Node, which means I don't need to install packages and learn how some library works to get something done).


You sound like one of those guys who can solve problems easily. These are some awesome things you can do!

It almost makes me want a book similar to Automate the Boring Stuff with Python but for Ruby... Any chance you know something like that Feifan?


Oh wow! I hadn't heard of that book until now, but it seems really cool. I don't know of any books like that for Ruby, although I could be convinced to write some stuff in that direction given an audience. For example, I was trying to find something in my iMessages history a few months ago, so I created a tool that made it easier than scrolling through the Messages app and wrote about it:

I'm geniunely curious about the first half of your response, because we all live in our heads and perceive the world differently — in your experience, do you think you sometimes have trouble solving (code-related) problems? Or maybe you don't see a problem that you think is solvable with a script?


You guys take a look at "Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts" by Steve Pugh. It has some great examples of small Ruby programs that solve day to day problems.

It was a great book in getting me to use Ruby in my day to day tasks also like Feifan does.

Good luck!

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