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Discussion on: Who or what inspired you to do programming?

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I was a 1 year little baby and windows 95 was waiting me on my mother's desktop computer. At the time i can sit on the chair of her desk, Win 98 say's hello to me. yes, only took me 4 years win the right to touch "the machine" without a hit in my hands. I play with "Betsy the Cow", ¿ Disney Paint ? , and so. One day, at the age of 7, after a fight with my little brother, i win a penalty for that. Then my mom's disconnected all the cables from the pc. I take a look, plug-in plug-off, and everything fit's ok, then i push the magic button and Voilá, the computer was On!. After that i was make curious, i learned to change wallpaper, screensaver and other things. For many years i played games in the computer, later i learned to "crack" some of them (copy & paste .exe files in program files folder) and eventually i look the screen that makes me REALLY see: Regedit.exe . I was around 13 then. After that i was have a mindblow. i have internet, a pc and free afternoons, so i started to read some forums, where i learn to write my first batch script. The things here start to going crazy, i make scripts for shutdown at windows start, and this kind of things. At the time i was ready to get into the high school. i know batch,html, copy-pasted js scripts to make "raining * pages" and even understand vagely wtf is "hosting". 2 years of high school was enough to know that i want to study computer science and coding. So, I finish high school with that touth. After a non-successfully degree try i get my first job as a jr dev. Learn AngularJs , C# , SQL , and when i stop to see, i am a developer.
3 years from then.
¿Bad redaction? Yes. is hard but i try my best. (can you try tell your story in spanish)

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Basti Ortiz Author

Oh, sorry. I can't speak Spanish. Don't worry. I fully understood your story. Curiosity can really bring us to many places, my friend.