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Hey man, you really resonated with this post. Keep up the amazing work your doing and remember that through repetition of a complex task and the struggle it becomes easier and easier to understand. However, the unique factor is that as a programmer the problem is always changing but the core principals always apply. I have a lot of experience in programming and I can only imagine what someone who is completely knew must feel.

I personally suffer from Impostor Syndrome and it really does not go away you just have to keep telling yourself that with something as complex as programming most developers out there all suffer from that feeling that they might be the right person for the job. The key difference is they don't let those feelings stop them and that is one awesome takeaway I learned from attending Lambda School.

I look forward to reading more posts from you in the future. :)


So true, man! The problems really are always changing, and I've definitely learned that as long as you have secured the core principals down, you can definitely solve whatever you put your mind too.

Imposter syndrome will always be there, but not enough to hold us back from our goals - cheers to the rest of your journey, man! Thanks so much for the support, and wishing you the best! :D

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