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Discussion on: Have you ever been forced to learn a tech you do not like?

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It happened to me with Ruby on Rails. I was a mobile dev and was encouraged to learn so I could help out with backend/web development at the company I was working at the time.

I only knew a little NodeJS at the time so server stuff wasn’t 100% new for me, but I was a bit hesitant at first. Turns out I absolutely loved it and I’m still coding in Rails to this day (4+ years ago 😅). I’m still grateful for the chance I was given to learn something new at that job.

I guess you really only know if you’ll like/hate it until you give it a shot! I would definitely recommend against going with anything outside of your interests if you’re clear in what you want, otherwise experiment as much as possible if you have the chance because you never know what might surprise you

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