List of top Open Source alternatives to popular products.

Fayaz Ahmed on May 26, 2020

So I am collecting new and amazing tools for a directory app I am making, v2 of Appydev. I found out there are some great alternatives to some ver... [Read Full]
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Great list! However, money needs to come from somewhere. It's unsustainable to expect great technology to just be free.

If you use any of these projects, consider also supporting them on opencollective.com, GitHub Sponsors, ko-fi.com, or patreon.com - wherever they might accept donations or support. Every dollar makes a difference!


Fully agree. Even if a certain user cannot contribute to the open source project with a monetary donation, there are many different ways to contribute to open source projects, e.g. by publicizing it so that it reachers others that can help with the funding


Yes totally agree, Not paying to these awesome people who make these open source tools and Projects was not my motive, instead the other way around.


Agreed, the title might be misleading.


Added a small note about this. Thanks.


Hey Fayaz, Chaskiq.io founder here. Thanks for the mention, greatly appreciated.


I had some questions, would you mind answering them?

I am available on t.me/fayazara or twitter.com/fayazara


sure, just drop me a line at Chaskiq.io chat :D or send me a DM at twitter @michelson / @chaskiqapp


Firebase is a series of products...

What's a safe alternative to Firebase Auth / Google Auth, or do you collect Oauth2 client ID / secrets, by yourself?

Firebase Auth is a guaranteed way to work with Google OAuth2, BTW. I have problem with getting permission from Facebook and Twitter...


Auth0 & Okta are good alternatives. Or you could directly implement oAuth 2.0 client authentication with respective sdk's


Not sure if Auth0 is better or cheaper than Firebase Auth. Actually, I moved from Auth0 to Firebase Auth.

MongoDB Stitch also have an Auth.

Why not handle the authentication yourself? I did it recently with Nuxt + Node + Mongodb + Google sign in

I still need some kind of Object / Image storage, though. But I don't think I should use MongoDB Atlas's 500 MB of GridFS...

That's why I come to Firebase Auth + Firebase Storage.

I use Google Cloud for hosting BTW, not AWS.

Nuxt Auth Module might be nice, but still I fear security and not being able to track...

Honestly, Mongodb atlas free tier is good for small apps.

If you do need image storage, you could probably use imgur or imgbb


Openoffice is nearly dead, I would not use it :/


Just an alternative, would definitely add something if you know anything similar.


Trying to see if I can find a Cloudflare alternative, possibly FOSS.

Can I really trust Cloudflare, BTW?

Another downside of Open Source and Free, is sometimes they don't provide hosting / support. And self-hosting, especially VPS, does cost something.


Why would you not trust cloudflare?


Proxying, and security shield.

Asset loading performance comes after that. But in the end, it also matters.


Probably worth noting that not all open-source is a good alternative to a paid option.

For example magento is historically one of the worst platforms to work in, and definitely not easy for non-dev people. Where as shopify has tools that make it much simpler for average people to get started as well as a whole developer toolkit.


Agreed, but I had developers in mind while making this list.

A company I worked for, used magento and handled thousands of orders a month smoothly, I think if you have people in your team who know the stuff they're using, then its not an issue.


There is also owncloud.org/ as alternative for Google Drive/Dropbox.


And Syncthing for a different approach.


Fof firebase alternative, I've just found out about Supabase recently and it seems decent :)
Haven't tried it yet btw


Is anyone interested in open source alternatives to "Sign in with Google/Facebook" buttons.
We are in the process of open sourcing did.app (taking a little while we kept user notes in our source in one big mono repo) but we should get there soon.
Seam's like a key piece of the internet that would be good to open source, and would also be awesome if there was more than one option


Thoroughly compiled list Fayaz! While apps like Polr, Rocketchat, ElasticSearch, Nextcloud are good free alternatives but there's the effort of hosting, maintaining/debugging & upgrading them.

This would imply only people with the requisite know-how can use them rather than all. Given the complexity of some of those apps, wouldn't that lead people to switch back to paid options?


I guess so, but sometimes you need to build something on top of these OSS projects, say a client has a requirement of something like Google Drive for his organization, you dont have to build it from scratch, just build on top of these projects.

I recently read a post by @ben on how someone built a forum/blogging platform on top of dev.to as it is open source. That is a great example actually.

But for individuals, its best to use the free versions of these proprietary software.


In that use-case, yes OSS projects would help save time & effort.


For Google Drive/Dropbox, you should add Syncthing which is by far the most efficient solution I found to replace Dropbox or Google Drive.
I actually wrote an article about it as I was so enthusiastic about that software.


Thanks Fayaz, great work!!
Just one thing I found outdated, Google Analytics alternatives, the ones that you mentioned are no longer free :(


Yes, I need to update this.

You can still host them yourself though.


Yes, that's what I'm planning to do, thanks for your response


Great list, you may want to add Mautic as alternaty to MailChimp and Sendgrid although it is more than just email but marketing automation.


I think you should put Gitea (gitea.io/en-us/) as a FOSS alternative to Github/Bitbucket.
It is lightweight, simple and self hosted.


I'd also add ProtonMail and Tutanota as alternatives to gmail


I would add httpie a command-line alternative to Postman


Thank you. I’ll share this in Turkish. Can I? I’ll mention this URL.


Google Analytics is free and others are paid 🤔 Start paying?


Open source, that was the point of this list, people cant take a hint.. I guess I'll have to update the title.


The picture you chose says "Stop Paying" so I got confused :)


A humble suggestion: ActivityWatch, an open source version of RescueTime with privacy.


Great list Fayaz and thanks for including Plausible Analytics!


To the list add perfex CRM as alternative to Salesforce


Mattermost is awesome replacement for Slack too :)


Jazakallah khair


Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics, but it's not open source.


Github/Bitbucket -> gitea
Lastpass -> keepass


I'd rather not recommend OpenOffice at this time. Maybe in the future.


I shd just remove it from the list, lot of people mentioned this.



AppyDev is useful 😄, Is AppyDev Open Source ?


Isn't Google Chrome already free?


You should add Photopea as free alternative to Photoshop! (It's only partially open source, but still such a great alternative, that it should make the cut!)


Also now github is free for teams also.


Amazing list. Thanks for sharing.


The link to Polr actually goes to postwoman.

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