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Discussion on: Twenty years of web development, a change is coming!

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Michael Fasani Author

I recently changed job position and at least here in Switzerland/Zurich I was surprised at how many companies are now asking for it (we also have a lot of Angular jobs here). There are many banking/financial/pharma/insurance companies, and TypeScript seems really popular now, more so than three years ago when I was last looking, especially in the higher-paying positions.

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David Dal Busco • Edited on

Angular and Stencil are both using per default Typescript. Companies using these are de facto using it.

React, Vue, Svelte (probably), Gatsby etc. can be used with Typescript. Therefore I would say that at least some companies are using it 😉.

P.S.: isn't Vue 3 event written with Typescript too?

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Andrew Baisden

Valid points looks like I should join the party 😁

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David Dal Busco

To infinity and beyond 🚀