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Discussion on: Twenty years of web development, a change is coming!

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Michael Fasani Author

For me, I think it’s worth remembering that a lot of JS is browser API that sort of masquerades as being part of JS. If chromium which is now in most browsers just decides that WA2 can now use the API’s of BOM and DOM then really JavaScript is gone almost overnight. I also think when we look at the speed of rendering on the GPU and how annoying the general DOM layout box model is... well we could just render anything and everything to canvas with no such limitation. Then web experiences can become like most interactive game experiences we are used to today. But of course, things like SEO and accessibility for screen readers are problematic, but then we just need a new spec for how to translate SEO for canvas and webGPU based sites. Don’t get me wrong HTML is pretty solid for rendering blogs and text. We have pushed HTML/JS to incredible new places, and we continue to do so... but I think perhaps, just moving it out of the way would allow new creative freedom like never before. I'm excited to see what changes the next few years might bring, and perhaps I am entirely wrong, but that doesn't matter. 🥳

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leob • Edited on

Interesting, what you propose or suggest is really a new application programming model that's only using Canvas and leaving DOM behind, and then for the communication layer you can use anything that rides on TCP/IP (doesn't even need to be HTTP).

Not really "web" anymore. But yes HTTP and HTML do have a lot of advantages (SEO and so on), so we'll need solutions for that.