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Discussion on: Utility-first CSS - You have to try it first!

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Michael Fasani • Edited on

I tried tailwind for the first time today. Originally I saw the code and was just like what a complete mess... I hate it. 20 minutes later... I really like it. Actually I have always felt like CSS does not scale well on large projects, it grows and grows and grows and then there is dead CSS everywhere.... and it's nested and kind of awkward. It does bloat the HTML but this could be minimized in the same way Facebook showed with their stylex library. I will need to create multiple themes and colour schemes so maybe I am biast because I think for that it will work really well.

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Michael Z Author

That's great to hear! If you feel a little skeptical I also created a free interactive tutorial on Tailwind here which covers even more benefits than this blog post.

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Many are bad at CSS too. I once was backend dev and now am full stack. The Utility approach reduced the chances a team shoots themselves in the foot.

Our site at work hard Sass components and BEM and bootstrap grid. Works great but that’s with a very experienced and diligent team.