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re: Instead of LastPass, use KeePass XC. Instead of Google Drive, use Syncthing. Instead of Zoom, use Jitsi. Instead of Slack, use Riot. (For most of ...

Maybe you want to try bitwarden. I moved from KeePass and never regret it.


Note how I wrote KeePass XC, not the - completely outdated and old - KeePass ;)

Looks like Bitwarden needs a server... I'm not touching that. I keep my KeePass file synced using Syncthing. No need for yet another online account. Also, I need features like OpenDesktop Secret Service, ssh-askpass support and KeeShare.

If you are worried about a 3rd party having access to your Bitwarden passwords you can setup a locally hosted server. I know it is a bit more work, but this way you are completely in control of your passwords.


Personally I found that Bitwarden works best for me. I do 80% of my work on Linux and Bitwarden I haven't had any issues with it on Linux. So it is a solid replacement for KeePass XC

Again, why should I go through the hassle of setting up and configuring a server software when I can literally have a synchronized single file? Sometimes it seems to me that people are just hellbent these days to shove everything into the cloud or a server, no matter what.

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