Internship vs interview prep

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So I am an undergrad in CS in India and I'm in a dilemma. I have campus placements (in India, companies visit universities for recruitment) upcoming in my university in a month, and I want to complete my preparation for it in this month. I'm not really bad at it right now, I would just like to brush up my skills in a few data structures and improve my interviewing skills.

However, the companies visiting my university are usually tier-2 or tier-3 companies (they're no Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart etc). Furthermore, working in the internship can potentially get me recommended to developers in Microsoft, Amazon etc. The internship is remote and for 3 months

I'm not sure what to do, should I focus on the preparation or join the internship? can you folks help me out here

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Joining of internship has its own benefits like you get to work on real time projects, get to work with enthusiastic colleagues, get an experience of how real life corporate works, working on new and different languages and many more while preparing for interviews has its own benefits as you can go for good companies, you get to network with different people, you get to access your market worth and many more.

But personally, I would go for an internship first as there are many things which you learn to do in internships which you don't get to do in corporate life and plus learning from mistakes is a good option in an internship while it's not so good in the corporate world.

So personally I would recommend going for an internship.


I'm confused: what specifically are your options?

It sounds like you should just be preparing to interview because either you're interviewing for an internship or a job after college. What's the other option?

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