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Getting out of the comfort zone with Kotlin

Here we are. Actually I don't want go out of PHP. It gives me great stuff and has a lot of impressive libraries. But if I want to grow, I have to embrace another language and see if I can write the same as makes me happy in PHP.

Essentially, the goal is to see if I have the necessary architecture tools to achieve the same result in another language. With other rules and philosophy.

Having Symfony with Messenger and Doctrine makes my life easy, but.... What if I didn't have this pieces of software?... What if I was in another language with other rules or another reality?.. what would happen?

The first language chosen is... Kotlin!!... Why?... Because is used in Android, server side applications. It shares strong roots with Java, there's a community version of IntelliJ... and because it's hot...

Movement is demonstrated by walking... and that's what we're going to do...

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