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Discussion on: Introducing the Best 10 Node.js Frameworks for 2019 and 2020

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Faithful Ojebiyi • Edited on

You probably didn't do your research well... And the Author of the Netflix post admitted to using Express API wrongly... Which caused their issues.. they fixed their codebase and the issue was gone.. PS that was express V1 Express is on V5...

How do async await cause memory leaks... You're talking like an inexperienced engineer. .. You only have memory leaks in a badly designed application.

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Express doen't know how to handle async/await. If an error is thrown inside an async handler, instead of the error being handled correctly it throws an UnhandlesPromiseRejectionError in Node 15+ and can cause memory leaks in below versions

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Iyan Cupliz

I've tried almost all framework (express,koa,nest,adonis,feathers,hapi,etc) and i think Express wins from them all by simplicity. I'm using express with/out Typescript for 5 years and it works very well with no issue. If you face UnhandlesPromiseRejectionError, you might not use try/catch in the first place. Yes, by default it doesn't handle that error. If you face some problems in Express, belive me it's not the framework fault, sometimes its dev lack of knowledges.

And for Romain Lanz article, mostly not true and he tends to drop Express because he is one of the Adonisjs contributor.