How Does Air Pollution Affect People’s Life In Congested Cities?

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Air pollution has always been a big concern for environmental managers. They study all the factors closely to look at the factors causing it and the effects it causes on cities. The biggest victims of air pollution are densely populated cities. Cities like Delhi in India are heavily populated and have the highest rates of air pollution. Students of environment management are expected to write dissertations on such topics. These students find it hard to piece together information to write a quality dissertation. Which is why we have gathered the best dissertation writers UK to help you.
There are around 28 megacities in the world. These cities are the biggest contributors to air pollution. After urbanization, people in large numbers have migrated to these big cities in the search of jobs and better lifestyles, making the city densely populated. In these cities, you can find industrial areas, where factories are set up and release pollutants in the air. In addition to this, since these cities have a high population they also have a great number of vehicles. People move from one place to another on either personal vehicles or use public transport, either way, to accommodate a large population there are lots of vehicles on the road, adding more to the air pollution.
These cities are not only polluted themselves but they also pollute areas under a 200-kilometre radius. Here are 10 effects of Air Pollution that not only affect the people but the environment as a whole.

1. Global Warming

For those who don’t know- Global warming happens when harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight. This traps the heat on earth making it hotter and colder than usual. Air pollution is the culprit behind Global warming. Global warming in turn affects the people in different ways. If you live near the sea or river beds, you can experience flooding. Intense temperatures can have detrimental effects on the crops causing a shortage of food. Many animals are on the brink of extinction because of the high temperatures all caused by global warming.

2. Climate Change

Even though climate change is an effect of global warming but due to its graveness, it deserves a separate discussion. When the temperatures peak, the change of climate becomes inevitable. Climate change can be very damaging to people as it comes with a plethora of problems such as natural calamities, diseases and other technology-based issues. Air pollution increases global warming which in turn changes the climate. It is very difficult for people to cope with fast-changing climates.

3. Smog

Smog is a hazardous combination of smoke with fog. This happens when there is a lot of industrial air pollution in a particular area. Smog is very dangerous for the health of people living in that area and it can also harm the environment of not only that area but the areas around it. In many instances, smog has also caused great damage to the infrastructure. During the smog, you can experience problems such as asthma attacks, irritation in the eyes and severe coughing fits. In the longer run, if you experience smog for a prolonged time, you can severely damage your lungs.

4. Acid Rain

Acid rain is a very strange phenomenon, it happens when pollutants rise and combine with the water droplets and oxygen to form harmful substances such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid. The worse effects of acid rains are faced by animals and forests. They suffer great losses in terms of loss of nutrients and other problems. The marine life and wild animals also suffer greatly. Fish die due to the Ph. imbalances they face after the acid rain.

5. Respiratory Problems

Air pollution is directly responsible for respiratory issues for many people. You can face minor issues such as shortness of breath or allergies and this can also lead to severe problems such as asthma and lung cancer. Research has also shown that if children are exposed to air pollutants for a prolonged time, it may hinder the development of their lungs. If there are harmful chemicals in it, you can also get severely ill which can turn fatal. Moreover, there are instances where the pollutants make the oxygen levels to drop causing great discomfort to asthmatic patients.

6. Erosion Of Buildings

With the passage of time and urbanization, our air quality has dropped. In addition to the harmful effects on human life, it has also impacted the buildings and other infrastructure. Ancient buildings made with limestone are easily corroded by acid rains. We lose precious monuments because of the poor air quality. Acid rain has damaging properties that wash away the paint from homes, making it difficult and expensive to get repairs.

7. Allergies

Since the air we breathe in and survive in is full of pollutants, many people develop allergies in response to these harmful chemicals. These allergies can be really bothersome as they can go to extreme heights causing more and more problems. Moreover, it is very difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing the allergic reaction. The condition can get worse before you can find out what’s causing it.

8. Skin Diseases

Our skin is the only organ that is exposed to air. In polluted air, your skin is exposed to several chemicals which can damage your skin badly. The extent of damage can be extreme which means you can even get cancer. The lesser intense impacts can include discolouration of the skin with a pre-ageing sign and much more. You must all costs take care of your skin so that you can avoid getting all the harmful effects of air pollution, do a deep cleanse every now and then.

9. Birth Defect

Many new types of research have come up with the discovery that bad air quality can result in birth defects and fatalities. Researchers have studied the correlation between the two and have come up with a conclusion that the pregnancies that resulted in fatalities were mostly because of poor air quality. Furthermore, upon research, it was also discovered that children who are exposed to air pollution might lessen their life expectancy by 20 months. There are still many areas of research that are under process. The initial discovery has left the world shocked and worried.

10. Vegetation

Air pollution is found to be very damaging to the vegetation. It can hinder the production of new crops and can even damage crops that are ready to harvest. Things such as acid rains and climate change can interfere in the growth of crops and ruin the fields. When the water from acid rain seeps into the soil, the plants die as they are not able to reach the required nutrients and are instead taking in harmful substances.

Hopefully our dissertation help UK have done a good job to help you out with your dissertations and the above-mentioned information is sufficient to kick start your research in the right direction.


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