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Nubego Pit Cam @ AWS Summit Madrid

Julio Faerman
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Hello autonomous pilots!

AWS Deep Racer

I'd like to invite everyone to join the streaming of the AWS Deep Racer Workshop on the AWS Summit Madrid 2019. This streaming is kindly offered by our Advanced APN Partner Nubego on Nubego Twitch Channel. They will be streaming the main presentation, devices, tracks and all about the Deep Racer experience at the Summit. I'll also be there to forward your questions and help everyone interact.

Nubego Pit Cam @ AWS Summit Madrid 2019, May 7 15:00-17:00 CEST
Nubego Twitch Channel

Nubego Logo

Put your code to speed in the Deep Racer League, the world's first global autonomous racing league, open to anyone! You can get started by tuning pre-defined models, training your own with a simple python API or even building from scratch. We'll be running a workshop throughout the day with the whole pit crew in the boxes to help you. The fastest lap wins the glory and a trip to Las Vegas to race in the finals during AWS re:Invent. After the Madrid Summit you'll be able to race in the virtual events and other Summits throughout the year.

Tracks are already warm at the AWS office, join the fun!

Deep Racer at AWS Office

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