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The 4 skills I am focusing on this year as a developer

faddalibrahim profile image Faddal Ibrahim ・1 min read
  1. Cybersecurity
    Last year, I learnt about SQL injection and cross-site scripting and how to combat them. I intend to expand my skills in cybersecurity via the Cyber Geeks Club in my school to have full control over the security of my apps.

  2. UI/UX
    Getting the different parts of my apps working as intended has always been and will be my top priority. Once every functionality is in place, I tend to ignore garnishing the interface with slick designs. This year I am working towards merging the two simultaneously – Great UI/UX plus great functionality.

  3. Presentation
    My presentations during the two hackathons I have participated in so far have not been outstanding. It is one thing being able to write crazy codes; it’s a whole different thing being able to sell the idea behind those codes.

  4. Chess
    This is a new hobby I took up, which will hopefully boost my critical thinking.

Other minor areas include creating APIs and Bots, being active on code challenge websites, attending tech events and conferences and perhaps speaking at Tech Events/Conferences.

What other skills do you think I should include?


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