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Thats really long to read... lol I interviewed some developpers in vuejs expertise. I made for them a test that they pass for 1 hour 15 min.

After that i know it will have a lot of failures and that's normal the test can't normally be finish even if you are senior.

The important part is, I want to know how they are thinking and if they can easily say "i dont know". And this is the most important part. Because we all have different thinking about the solution so i want to check of they react with failure


While you make a solid point that can be important to see how someone deals with failure, giving a candidate no room for success is problematic. Honestly I really dislike this format as it doesn't allow the candidate to establish trust with the interviewer when their first impression is the interviewer just set them up for failure. The interviewee point of view is equally as important as the interviewer's as the candidate is about to dedicate a portion of their life to the company. If the candidate also has multiple prospects, why would they choose the company that set them up for failure when they can go with the company that treated them well throughout the process?

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