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How to get more stars for your open-source project!

It's very important to get as many stars as you can in your GitHub repo, as it helps you to reach those who may find your project of any help to them.


Yes! the same old, but very powerful README. Believe or not but these things are like the main page of your GitHub project.
Try google some GitHub repos with awesome README and try them out.
But what things in a README as per me matter are:

  1. The logo. If you have a good logo add it to your README at the mid of the README. If no idea how to then here it is:
<div align="center">
<img src="locate your logo">
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  1. Some preview text. Type in a little about your project just below your logo. Or even better if you have a slogan then type that in! Like mine 'Programming, then best choise'

  2. GIF will be number one in every thing!
    No one like text by the way! So it's always a good idea to add GIF of your project. If you have no idea how to make a GIF then here's how:

  • To make a GIFA first record, for which in windows you can press windows+g this will open a navbar above

windows screen recording

I got the wrong time to make a post!

  • Now click on the cam icon. This will open another navbar!

how to upload

  • This navbar contains a star recording button. Press it and you are now recording your screen!

  • Once you have record your video you can view it by again press windows+g. Now you can view your video!

Where your video will be

  • Now you can covert your video using ezgif(Ezgif is not my website, so don't think of it)
  • To know your video location you can click on the open file location
  • After converting it you can right click on the preview can copy the URL of your gif and past it any where you want in your README!

By the way this gif was made the same way!

  1. Why, What, How?
    Try to answer these questions so that if anyone gets to your repo they will get to know what, way, how about your project.

  2. Mention me to!
    No! Not me me! The one's who helped you with this project. On doing this your team and others feel no little about why they are helping.

Documents are better

Remember once you get working in a open-source project there will be a lot of people asking you about every little thing. Because most of us don't trust Google! Bad for you not Google! As you will not be able to work on what's important but on things which are there in Google! So document every thing you have to tell about your project. All the ideas, plans(Not secret plans!), up coming things and any other thing you have.

Ask for feeds?

When every you get a chance, ask your users how they like your project and contributors how was there experience while contributing like how they like the maintainers answering there questions, any kind of bullying or not, if so then how did they like your support of kicking the bully out! And document that to!

Never to late for a website!

Create a website for your project. Like any other project you have seen every single one of them have a website, like Django for example. No don't waste time on creating a website try using free website templets or just ask one of your team members to make one(If you have!). Or even better(Or worsts to be exact!) Buy a web developer to make one for you!

The try not to get nasty!

Ya many times it happens you may not like someone's idea, but one bad word is worth a $1k you know! Like this people may think that you are not a good of a choice and therefore no stars! Take all ideas but if you think the idea is bad be good and tell why you think the idea does not fit in. IF the user still wants it then try doing a discussion with your users, ask them if they are liking the idea or not. If they are not then just say sorry to the person and skip, and if yes then just try to add that idea in later version(But do add don't skip!).

That's all from my side and ideas of how to get more stars and managing your open-source project. If you have more brain punches then do comment them below!

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