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A GPA caculator

I built a GPA calculator
A GPA means Grade Point Average which is used in Universities to calculate the results of students who have written an exam or particular test which would be calculated and graded.

Here's my code on GitHub


  1. I created dictionaries for courses, units, scores, and points.
  2. Then required input from the user for how many courses he/she is doing so it will ask the user to input(course, units, and scores) for calculation.
  3. Next, I created a points function to convert the values since it used the point system
  4. Then, I did the calculation for the GPA and printed the table and the GPA out.
  5. I ended with the remark function so the student or user will know where he or she stands.

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An example of how the code works.

A project I embarked on after learning some data science with python, what do you think.

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