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Top 5 Themes for Visual Studio Code

kasuken profile image Emanuele Bartolesi Updated on ・1 min read

My editor choice is Visual Studio Code since the first beta release.
I like personalize everything in my editor and Visual Studio Code is perfect in this way.

Here I will show my Top 5 favourite Visual Studio Code theme.

Night Owl

One of the best theme for Visual Studio Code (and others editor!!!).
This is my current theme for work.

Winter is Coming

Developed by John Papa from Microsoft, I love it.

Shades of Purple

Well documented and professional theme. Awesome!


Many color themes!!! Try it!


My second favourite theme, after Night Owl.
This is the best to relax your eyes after a long working day.


Power Mode

It's not a real theme, but I like this effect when I have a presentation or a demo with customer. :)

Discussion (22)

mkuehnel profile image
Michael Kühnel • Edited

Don’t forget the »Relaxed Theme« 😘


jwalzak profile image
Jason Walzak

I use Night Owl.
It's really nice.

Before Night Owl was a theme I used Cobalt 2 when it got ported to VSCode from Sublime text.

terabytetiger profile image
Tyler V. (he/him)

Ever since @aspittel posted this article I've been a Fairy Floss convert. The only change I've made is making the highlight background color Deep Pink so that it pops out better to my eye.

aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

Love fairly floss! so pretty!

kasuken profile image
Emanuele Bartolesi Author

ah wow.
Interesting article.
I missed it.

somedood profile image
Basti Ortiz (Some Dood) • Edited

I personally fell in love with Atom's One Dark theme, which is why the first thing I did upon switching to VS Code was to install the One Dark Pro extension. I don't see myself changing themes any time soon (or ever).

kasuken profile image
Emanuele Bartolesi Author

yes, also Atom is one of the best theme!

somedood profile image
Basti Ortiz (Some Dood)

I just love how friendly and bubbly it looks.

gulajavaministudio profile image
Gulajava Ministudio

demo image
demo image

For theme and font, i'm using Mayukai Theme and Iosevka Mayukai Font . You can try that too.

luxcium profile image
Benjamin Vincent

Hey Hello, Experts !!!

I would like to have a reviewer (many?) for my color theme because I only did the TypeScript/Javascript Syntax ... (the CSS should be improved) I am not good at Ruby, Python the C families (C# & C/C++) and all the other languages I am not sure to exist ...

Reach me on Twitter @Luxcium

You can look into it on GitHub: "Pop N' Lock Theme by Luxcium ✨"

The Theme is available in the VS Code market place

Give me your impressions and please send me screen captures of your favorite language with my theme... (don't do like I did below... don't do a screen capture of something confidential ...)

TypeScript example

You probably want to see a screen capture of the Theme and syntax ... there you go:

I am working on something ultra confidential its something super sensitive with the credential data and stuff ... Don't show that to anyone ...


thehasu profile image
Mridha Rashidul Islam

Night Owl is really awesome. Which font you are using with night owl?

dlyling profile image
varunalex profile image
Varuna Eeriyaulla

If you like high contrast bluish theme : 😋

phone profile image
Kyle A. Matheny

I'm a big Cobalt2 fan. I've seen a lot of people advocating for Shades of Purple lately. I'll have to try out some of these to see if they work better for me (dethrowning Cobalt2).

lesnock profile image
Caio Lesnock

What font is used in Noctis theme?

subramn profile image

Thank you so much. which font are you using in the attached theme , just curious to know.

sshpanel profile image

BTW what font are used on the Night Owl template?

kasuken profile image
philiplambok profile image
kasuken profile image
Emanuele Bartolesi Author

I really like it. 😊

saumen95 profile image

Rainglow here..also love material ocean and noctis

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