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My VS Code settings for Web Development

Emanuele Bartolesi on July 29, 2019

In the past, I used a lot of editors. Now I use only Visual Studio Code, for everything. I share my settings optimized for web development. ... [Read Full]
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This is an absolute gem for VS Code! The cursor tip was a very small tweak, but made a big difference for me. Regarding the guidelines, isn't it visible by default? I see no difference here when I enable it.


I don't think the guidelines are visible by default.


Wow definitely a lot of cool ones here. I will definitely try the icons, import cost, Intellicode and autosave. The only thing I've done since downloading vscode is change the key mappings to make Intellij IDEA 😂


I love dark themes! I find them easy on my blue eyes. I’ve also tried many different IDE’s in my travels since i started using computers at home. I even thought NetBeans was the best, but VS Code seems to be the most extendable. I’m an absolute novice when it comes to programming, but articles like this one are a big boon to people like me.


Import cost definitely great extension!!! Thank you!


Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will try out "Fira Code" font looks - extravaganza.


Indent Rainbow is cool, I always enjoy using it.


Indent Rainbow is invaluable, once you use it you can't go back ^ Good article I didn't know intellicode, firacode and the cursor tips it is very interesting Thanks !


I have added a few to my viscose, especially the import cost and the indent rainbow. Thanks


Nice share. Thanks. Looking forward to adopt VS Code exclusively from now on.

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