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Discussion on: Are You a Confused Programmer? Learn a Functional Language

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Lia • Edited

This was a well-worded and interesting insight.

As a growing developer, the feeling that I get around is that I will not become a "serious" developer if I don't know my way OOP and the plethora of languages that are used for it - functional programming is never ever mentioned. Maybe that's something that only I am experiencing, and it's not something up for generalization. So hearing that other people simply don't find some languages as comfortable as they could be - is a refreshing thought. Makes me reconsider the way I'm approaching the things that I have/should learn.

After reading this and the comments, I think I might just give Haskell a try! 🤓

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Joe Chasinga Author

Thank you for the thoughtful words.
In my opinion, there are many things that flourish because of the right timing and turns of events on top of their merits. Some things do get lost in time despite their tremendous values.

OOP was popularized by the advent of C++, but also because of the context around it (modernism) in which the general people view the world merely as objects and what they can do. Once that rolls downhill it's just hard to stop it in its track. If you look at the history of all programming languages you'll see that the line tracing from LISP to ML/Miranda seemed to have stopped bluntly, giving room to C++, Java, and eventually Python to flourish.

However I think from now on OOP will be on a decline, providing newer languages tend to ditch class inheritance entirely (Go and Rust, to name a few). The code and applications today are vastly more complex than before that more begin to see having mutable states everywhere in OOP are just beyond human programmers to control. A big popular proof that functional programming is growing on us lies in the most popular JavaScript library -- React.

What most people think or say isn't always correct. It might have been, but never age well. I sure hope you'll give any functional language a try.