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The biggest misconception I find (which I couldn’t see listed here) is that a the history is a list of changes. Instead commits are snapshots of the entire repo, not just changes.


That's a good point - git is unlike SVN in that way. SVN stores diffs (which is why it can take a long time to calculate the current state when your repo history gets really long), and git stores entire files. I always had thought that git stored diffs as well (since you "commit" just the change, right?) - but nope!

I didn't include it because I find that, in practice, it doesn't matter much whether you think of the commit log as being diffs or snapshots - but I could be wrong... have you found cases where it matters a lot which way you think of it? Thanks!


It does when people get comfortable with cherry picking.

You have a very helpful article. I would definitely not expect someone new to git to start cherry picking.

Thanks! Yeah; maybe on a more advanced course sometime :)

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