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Day_06 of 100 days of code

9th Feb 2023

Today is the 6th/100th day of the 100 days of code program by GeeksForGeeks.

What I learnt today

  1. locality of reference
  2. Basic intro into numpy functions and numpy arrays which are faster than standard python arrays as they are made using the principle of the locality of reference mentioned above

Problems I still havent solved, pls help if possible😢

  • numpy was reloaded (imported twice)

I was practicing numpy and I noticed that when I imported numpy ,the following warning message appeared

<string>:1: UserWarning: The NumPy module was reloaded (imported a second time). This can in some cases result in small but subtle issues and is discouraged.
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This is the only line of code I have⬇️
This is literally the only line of code I have

I searched for many solutions and even used sys.module to check if numpy was already somehow imported by default but it showed that numpy was not imported. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance🙏

Evan out!

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