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React native flexbox


Today is actually a day i enjoyed. I gained the knowledge on flexbox in react native. according to the documentation flex defines how items are going to fill over available space along main axis. In react native,the main axis is the column.

MAIN - flex:1

item-1 - 1/6
item-2 - 2/6
item-3 - 3/6

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  • flexDirection - column,row,row-reverse
  • layoutDirection - LTR,RTL
  • justifyContent - align along main axis - flex-start,flex-end,center
  • alignItems - along cross axis.
  • alignSelf - individual item.
  • alignContent - flexWrap must be present. defines distribution along cross-axis.
  • flexWrap
  • flexBasis - axis independ way of providing the size of an item. if direction=column,height else width.
  • flexGrow - how item grows in relation to siblings. If 2,grows 2 times larger than siblings.
  • flexShrink


position : absolute | relative.


width|height:'100| "10%" | auto'

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