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My Flatiron Experience

evanrpavone profile image EvanRPavone ・2 min read

I started flatiron in August 2020 as a full-time full-stack software engineer student and it has been a stressful but informative journey. Everyone is extremely helpful, it's a great way to learn code, and it's a very organized bootcamp.

The flatiron community is extremely helpful, they want you to succeed. If you are struggling, I guarantee you that another member of your cohort is struggling too. You can ask questions and you WILL get an answer. I didn't grasp JavaScript that well so I volunteered to get transferred to repeat the module and it was honestly a great thing for me to do. The lessons are very informative, your cohort leader will give you a list of lessons you should complete by the end of the week to stay on track. Every day there is an Open Office Hour where you can go into a Zoom meeting and ask any questions or if you need help debugging. The cohort also has lesson lectures over Zoom where you can listen just like you would in a classroom to help you get a better understanding. Flatiron also gives you a career coach, I am in that stage right now but I will tell you how it goes another time when I am done with that process.

Prior to going into Flatiron, all I knew was basic HTML/CSS and some JavaScript (not a lot). Now I know Command Line Interface (CLI), Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Object-Oriented JavaScript and React-Redux. It was definitely worth it to go through this program, I learned so much.

Everything you need to succeed at flatiron is all in front of you. You got your slack channels where you can ask questions and see announcements, you got your FAQ's on the website, a checklist of things you have to complete before you graduate, a career coach that helps you prepare for getting a job, everything. There are a lot of resources within Flatiron that can help. You can go back through your lessons any time you want to, if I forgot how to do something I can find that lesson that talks about that thing that I forgot how to do and easily find an answer.

Flatiron was a great decision for me, I learned a lot and everyone was extremely helpful.

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