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Discussion on: Is it worth it to learn Sinatra in 2018?

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Evan Black • Edited on

I know where you're coming from. All the 'by default' stuff in Rails can be a bit overwhelming when you just want to do something simple. Sinatra can be great for small stuff, and there are many using it in production successfully.

However, I'd still recommend checking out Rails more. I found that once I understood how a rails app is laid out, it gave me more perspective when working on my own and other systems. That and getting up and running without having to worry about setting up libraries for your database, migrations, sessions, or any of the other low level stuff can be a major time save. Rails is great about letting you get to the part the important bits that separate your web app from others.

If you do decide to try out Rails again, Michael Hartls "Ruby on Rails Tutorial" was a book that really helped me get started.

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Alexander P. Author

Well, I don't know. I guess I can give it a shot again.

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Jeremy Schuurmans • Edited on

I agree completely. I would say don’t give up on Rails, and definitely learn Sinatra. It’s hard to deny that it’s valuable to be able to work with Rails, and learning Sinatra first can help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes in Rails. At least for me, that made it less confusing.