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Why Linux?

It 'just works'. I never have to install drivers. Even XBox controller support works out of the box.

Software installation/updates are streamlined. I can automate 95% of my setup. If something breaks, remove and install and it's fixed.

It's lightweight. I use ElementaryOS with very little customization. I have never run into a performance issue. Even running a ton of Electron apps.

Systems running Linux run forever. I have only ever thrown away my linux machines when they get too physically beat up to use.

Why not Windows?

Focus stealing. I absolutely hate being interrupted when applications steal focus. It completely breaks my flow state.

Updates and application management are a tire fire of broken usability. Not to mention viruses are a huge deal. In Linux, I wipe my system when I want to not b/c I have to.

Telemetry. For some reason Windows has gradually turned into a behavior tracking skinner box since 10 shipped. Hard pass, I block as much of that crap as possible.


you get a like because of "focus stealing" comment. I almost smashed my new monitor with my g815 keyboard because of it


Yeah...I have the same experience with Linux. Agree with you about the Why not Windows? section. Thanks man for the comments...

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