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re: Interesting, do you mean converting existing packages to use ES syntax? Might start taking a look at that. In your organization, do you convert exi...

Simple answer: Ideally yes, converting existing packages would save a LOT of time an effort

Complex answer: Converting existing packages -- in most cases -- is a lost cause

ESM is strict by default, meaning most very old libs can't be converted without significant rewrites.

Likewise, packages that ship ESM for Webpack (ie not spec ESM) or CommonJS use a lot of old/bad patterns: conditional imports, synchronous import behavior, globals, node-specific imports, etc.

A good quality ESM package...

  • shouldn't depend on runtime-specific behavior
  • should use relative imports
  • should use named exports
  • should tree-shake dead code

So far, most of the projects have been built by scratch. Of course, now that ESM is officially supported in Node 14.x more existing libs may be open to switching. I'm always open to migrating an existing project over if the project's Maintainer is on board.

If you want to help, the computer-science repo is a good place to get a feel for working w/ ESM. You can post ideas and discuss org-wide stuff in this repo github.com/vanillaes/vanillaes.

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