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re: Improving your CI pipeline for Node.js VIEW POST


Awesome article!

It's hard to find good sorces on how to set up Actions CI (i just learned how last week), especially w/ the YML-based syntax.

Minor Nits:

Use 'npm ci' instead of 'npm install'. Ci installs the fixed versions of dependencies from package-lock.json. This should prevent 'works on my machine' config differences.

Also, pretty sure you don't have to reference node_modules/bin for dependency scripts. The dependency name alone in a NPM script should work.

If you need to run a dependency from the CLI, nox makes this easier. Ex 'npx eslint --init'


Didn't know about npm ci, great tip! About
./node_modules/.bin/eslint, I found it odd too, but I copied it from the eslint docs 🤷.

Thank you Evan!

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