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To echo a popular opinion expressed here on dev.to and elsewhere: try to avoid spending resources on something because it might be useful or because it is popular. Try to focus on learning things with a specific objective in mind. Do you want to build a certain type of web app? Do you want to build a ML classifier? Is learning a new language the best use of your limited time or can you build what you want with the tools you know? Decide what is most important for you to do and use that to drive your decision.


I highly recommend this article, even if you aren't trying to start a side hustle it provides a good framework for making career-related decisions: daedtech.com/turning-tech-hobbies-...


I'm trying to learn news things to have more dev culture, to experiment for myself a little without any reason just having fun, have a different point of view of current problem I faced through another language.
Of course if it might be useful later it's only bonuses!

I'm not trying to learn because it might be useful, just because I love it, and if it is a popular language it just means that I surely will find help quickly if I'm stuck :)

Thanks for the article tho, I'm going to read it!


Those are all wonderful reasons to learn so more power to you for taking the time to learn for fun!

If you really want a new perspective I would recommend something wildly different than Python. Learning about other paradigms like functional or logical programming can be very eye opening albeit academic/mathematical. Whatever floats your boat!

Oh and I am a huge fan of static typing (which you can kind of do in Python 3.6) so a language like Java would provide a very different perspective as well.

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