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EuroPython trademark registered in the US

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After the confusion which was caused by a rock band starting to use the name “EuroPython” for themselves a few years ago, which we resolved amicably with the band, we had decided to register for a US trademark in addition to our European CTM mark for “EuroPython”.

We are happy to announce that we have now received the official certificate of the US trademark. 🙌

Alt Text

(EUROPYTHON - US trademark 6,166,760)

Please help us maintain and protect our trademarks by letting us know if you find any unauthorized or misleading use. Thank you.

EuroPython Society

P.S. Here's the original Twitter thread.

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congrats! This is something i did in the past. Take all of your sources and meta docs' and make a n organizational bible of this content. This is considered a literary work in multiple categories. This can be used to protect your IP, for what its worth. Basically it solidifies what your researching. Yes you can copyright research documents. its pretty cheap and easy too. best of luck. gl;hc;

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