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I'm trying to build a hybrid Laravel Vue app and I'm really struggling with global variables, most specifically things like "does the entire application have inventory management turned on or not?". This is generally a read-only variable that should be available "everywhere". I normally put this in .env but I have a global true/false setting as well, inventory_enabled.

I like the windows.variable_name idea, but where I get confused is:

  1. When to use Vue.prototype?

  2. In your example, you mention "process.env.API_DOMAIN". Where does this extra variable process.env come from? Is this now window.process.env?

  3. At what point do I invoke Vuex? My application heavily relies on Vuex but when refreshing the browser window refresh Vuex state also get trashed so now I'm moving to local storage...now do I also store my global setting in Vuex AND localstorage?

The reason why I'm building this hybrid application is I still want to use Blade and scaffolding and so on, and all the other goodies that come with Laravel, but there are large parts of my front-end that needs Vue's reactivity to make the pages more responsive and interactive..

The global variables (.env style) are really getting me down. I just want one simple way.. :-)

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