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Discussion on: What does Full Stack mean to you?

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Etienne Burdet

To me it means implementing full user stories—as opposed to language/technology specific parts. It probably means using different tools for the same task

It could mean full RoR. It could be 99% JS and CSS, but if you have to tweak a db request, you will. It could be 99% Python, but if you have to return templated HTML you will. Maybe you ask for help on certain parts, maybe you have to learn, maybe there is design, infra… wathever works, as long as you deliver something as functional as possible to the user—and you are fully accountable for that.

With this definition, fullstack developers could still "specialize" in front or backend. But the way of approaching work is different: you can't throw a "We don't have data? Don't care it's PHP guys job. Back to my animations.", if you're fullstack.