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Discussion on: How to get a free Google server forever

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Ervin Szilagyi

Likewise, Azure and AWS give also give you some free instances for 12 months (I know, it's not forever but it's something). From Azure you get a B1S instance, from a AWS a t2.micro or a t3.micro.

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Chintan Raiyani

Yeah that's true. It's for 90 days $300 not forever. This post is confusing the people by using the word forever.

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Joshua Byrd Author • Edited on

Nope this is not a trial period. Google Cloud free tier is indeed forever (or at least until they shut it down).

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Harsha MV

Like Google Photos :)

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Aritra Mukherjee

Nothing lasts forever 😔

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Óscar A. Montiel

Actually AWS charges you like hell without any notice if you consume your free tier.

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Aye Aye Mon

You can usually negotiate with them. They charged me for not terminating the instances. But when I told them that I didn't know I needed to terminate unused instances, I got a full refund.

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Saf Venture

AWS also charged me without notice about my db excess and didn't know we can negotiate with them. Thanks for this.

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