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Ilya Belousov
Ilya Belousov

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Development of a CRM system for small businesses. Part 1 - Introductory

Hello everyone, in this series of articles I will talk about the process of developing a CRM system for small businesses.
To begin with, I want to tell you about the selected technology stack. Since my main programming language is C#, the choice was between WPF and .NET Core. After some time of planning, problematic issues related to WPF were identified:

  1. It is required to develop a server for the application. Since this service should be a Self-host solution
  2. Lack of cross-platform

Based on these problems , the choice was made aside .NET Core.
As Frontend technologies, the choice was between VUE, Angular and Blazor. I decided to choose Blazor because it is a fairly new technology that I would be interested to try. As a library of components, the choice fell on the free MudBlazor.
SQLite was chosen as the database for development and MSSQL as the production solution. Of course, Entity Framework and LinQ to Entity will also be used to facilitate working with the database.

What requirements should the platform meet?:

  1. Cross-platform
  2. Adaptability on different devices
  3. Download speed
  4. User-friendly interface

What functionality is planned:

  • User authorization
  • The dashboard of the zpdach and statistics
  • Catalog of goods and services
  • Making a payment/ordering a product or service
  • Task system
  • Generation of reports at the end of the shift and the final report
  • User's personal account and role system with access rights
  • Customer base
  • Discount and promotions management system
  • Bonus system
  • Analytics tools

This is where the introductory article comes to an end. Stay tuned, the first part will be released soon with regard to development specifically

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Akash Chauhan

Angular has been gaining popularity lately as a powerful JavaScript framework. Can we consider angular for learning and businesses in 2023 ?

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