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Winning Tips for Increasing Your Blog Traffic

eronitacosta profile image Eronita Costa ・2 min read

Are you thinking of starting a blog? There are many platforms, such as WordPress, that will help you publish your blog. Publishing is not the end. Come up with strategic ways of increasing traffic. There are billions of blogs that are targeting the same audience as you are. How do you increase your traffic and create a social media audience who will promote your business? Below are some practical ways.

SPick Proven a Topic

Picking a niche that you are passionate about will help you write content without getting bored. Again, while deciding on what to write about, consider dealing with topics that drive results. How will you know what people are interested in? Google trend becomes your friend. You may want to check the keywords on the google trend to see how well it's trending. You can pick several keywords and if they are all trending, choose a topic from them.

Quality Content

Nobody would like to waste his or her buddle's reading crap. After all, there is immense interesting content out there to read. You need to write proven content that readers can rely on. Try to give all the relevant details of a given topic as you include the appropriate keyword.

Make Content Readable

After writing the quality content, is it readable? People have few seconds to peruse your content. If it is complicated, they will scroll to the next blog. Readable content should have a catchy headline. The sentences and paragraphs should be short. Have subtopics for easy scanning. Use grammar to ensure that it is error-free and to know the readability score.

Maybe you have the right content. You may have done everything you think is necessary to increase traffic. Is your blog attracting more traffic? Why don't you try SEO optimizer tools? They will make your blog better.

Guest Post

Guest posting is another fantastic way of increasing your traffic. You request experts to post on your blog, and you can also offer a guest post to others. Note that you should not provide a guest post to everyone. Ensure that the other blog has quality content to boost your blog. So, where should you guest-post? Maybe you have no idea. You can sign up for free online tools to help you connect with people with a similar brand as yours.


Avoid struggle for years, managing a blog that is attracting zero traffic. Note that competition is real, but you can increase your traffic by adapting the right ways. Start by creating the right content using the right keywords. Make the content readable by adding catchy subtopics and small paragraphs. Finally, make use of the guest posts.

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