What languages did you know

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Hey everyone,

I have a question the more replies the better :D

What were the languages you knew when you walked into that interview and got your first job as a developer(or similar role)? Feel free to list other things you knew or leveraged that helped you get hired. Thank you 😊

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My first programming job was a junior position, quite rightly, so the expectations were more on completing tasks and learning things.

The languages I knew at that time comprised Ruby (mostly Rails but not limited to), SQL, Bash, English and a bit of French.


I've never technically had a developer job, but I've ended up with some development duties in my current IT position (largely because I actually know what I'm doing when it comes to development), and my versatility was part of why I got hired in the first place.

Walking into the interview, I had sufficient knowledge to be comfortable coding in Python and Lua. I also had enough knowledge to at least understand and write basic code in POSIX shell script, C, C++, BASIC, HTML & CSS, and Java, and on top of that had passing knowledge of REXX, COBOL, PASCAL, FORTRAN, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and Scheme (specifically Racket) to the degree that I could at least understand code written in those languages.

I've since then gotten pretty rusty in everything but Python and shell script, though I've been re-learning HTML & CSS recently alongside learning JavaScript, and have as part of my job gotten to the point that I'm 'fluent' in HTTP, SMTP and to a lesser extent, SQL.


Thats really cool! I guess without constant practice its hard not get rusty with code.


I was lucky, and knew I wanted to learn everything I could about computers as soon as I found out they were a thing.

By the time I started my first internship, I knew Lua, Java, JavaScript, C, C++ (though only for about a year in school), HTML & CSS (though not too much of the modern features), a bit of PHP, and an inkling of Haskell, SQL, and AutoLISP.

By the time I started my full-time job a year ago, I'd learned Scala, Python, Go (but now I'm pretty rusty), and Perl (but I don't really want to go back 😅)

I'm always looking to learn more about programming, software, and computer science. I'm currently learning lots about the still very much in development Zig, and also slowly learning about Idris, a cleaned up and more powerful successor to Haskell -- though my progress here is limited.


wow you are very impressive, i see you have a real passion


At my first interview, I was a Java developer and I was applying for a C# position. In fact, after getting hired, all my C# code was with Java idioms and conventions.


Thats interesting, I am guessing C# and Java are dome how close enough for it to work.


I knew Java, C++ and Ruby on Rails from college, and Python and JavaScript I learned on my own.

My first developer job was writing C# 🤷


nice, I guess the more you learn a variety of languages the more easier it is to just jump into other languages. I was expecting if a job is looking for a particular language theyd only hire someone who is skilled in that specific language.

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