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I really love working in Kotlin, but it seems like the stars never quite align to where I can use it as my primary language at work. It's usually my default for new backend stuff for personal projects now. I think my favorite thing is how modern it feels but you also get the power of the very mature Java ecosystem.

For more ad-hoc stuff I love python, I can cobble together something workable extremely quickly. Also, comprehensions are a wonderful quality of life feature.


I'm in the same boat. I use Kotlin almost exclusively for my side projects, both JVM and JS stuff, but my work projects are mainly still Java. Some projects are slowly adding a bit of Kotlin, but its just hard to start integrating new Kotlin while most of the app is plain Java. It's just so natural, when fixing a bug in Java code, to just keep writing new Java for it.

I think it's just a matter of time. Kotlin has really only been a "very mainstream" language for a year or so now. As more greenfield projects get started with it, it will get more acceptable to migrate existing projects to it as well.


I am agree with you, kotlin is my primary language right now, use in different platform especially i do in android development. Kotlin popular because contribute in Android development and most of android developer migrate java into kotlin language, because the stdlib api make android developer feel comfortable.

When i do in backend there same as java language but with flavor. kotlin have good community not only develop in mobile side but in backend side to. i try ktor.io, spring, micronaut, etc. All is great, especially kotlin make every field as properties, when java doesnt have it automatically.

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