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Discussion on: How to deal with evenings bursts of creativity?

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Eric Normand • Edited on

This rings very true to me. When I feel like I'm making progress on something that's important to me, my mind will stop looking for cool new ideas to work on. When I was younger, I loved the ideas and developing them. But I never did anything with them. Now I make lots of progress, I'm happier with that, and my mind quiets down.

If I've got a million ideas before bed, it's probably an indication that something is blocked in my life or something is not being taken care of. If I just take care of it (even if it takes 3 hours and cuts into my sleep), I sleep better. Don't try to shut up your mind. Listen to yourself and trust that there's a good reason. You just need to introspect to see what's going on. Ask yourself guiding questions.

Very often my ideas and thinking will get ahead of my execution. I have a TODO list 1000 items long and I'm not checking them off fast enough to reduce the list. That means something is wrong and I need to figure out a new plan.