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Discussion on: October 22nd, 2020: What did you learn this week?

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I try to learn something new every day. It's been an interesting week in learning. First, I learned that sapper, a router/server side rendering framework for svelte that I've been having problems with is probably going away thanks to future svelte developments. This removed my interest in continuing fighting with sapper, but said future developments aren't publicly available, so for now, I'm placing svelte on hold.

I also learned that I'm never going to be free of my boss' very old Mac. We're talking something so old it doesn't even have USB ports. The most recent web browser that runs on his computer is Netscape Communicator 4.08 or so, which is why I had previously been fighting with it. Mind you, he has modern hardware, he's just emotionally attached to his museum pieces. No, this isn't the only one. One of these days, that Mac is going to die and take all his accounting with it. Getting back to the hardware, it's also lacking an ethernet interface, which is why it came up today.

The dialup ISP that said boss is using is going away. He wanted to know if we could set up something for him to dial into our system rather than switching to another ISP. I told him that it wouldn't be hard if we got a POTS phone line and modem in the server room. He wants to do it on the existing lines, which all come in on a SIP trunk.

So far, I've found lots of people with T.38 software modems that work over SIP, but all of one T.105 software modem that works over SIP, it's a commercial product, and I think we're too small a customer to consider this a cost effective solution. I always think that when they don't mention a price on the website, just "enter an email address and we'll contact you." Oh, and I've found a lot of people saying this is a very bad idea, and I think they're right. Still, I like my job, so I'll see if it's possible.

On the other hand, I'm having fun getting up to speed with Typescript, Vue 3 and the composition API since I'm not looking at svelte for the time being. Oh, and I'm learning that learning three different things that affect each other all at the same time may not have been the best idea. Oh well, I'm still having fun.

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