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Discussion on: 22 Best Places and Online Platforms to Learn Coding in 2022

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Claire McCrea • Edited on

Re: number 10:

I paid for Leo Trieu's Airbnb course last year and wasn't a fan. He assumes a good amount of knowledge from the user, despite advertising the course as no experience needed (I had completed half of's curriculum when I tried it, so I had some experience to my name), and his answers to questions from the community were often borderline rude and/or just unhelpful (pasting a link to a stackoverflow answer with no context or explanation).

There were a couple instances where commenters pointed out security flaws that should be addressed, and he thanked them for pointing them out but then wouldn't answer more questions about the flaws or how to fix them (his response was something along the lines of "you don't need to worry about it," if I remember correctly).

My overall impression was that he was interested in making videos and having people pay monthly subscriptions for them, but he didn't actually care at all about helping people learn. Which is a shame, I was really excited to build the Airbnb clone 😕