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A journey's beginning

Hi! I'm Alex. I am in my final semester of university. I am SO CLOSE. It's getting tough to keep pushing on knowing the credits I'm taking now will not matter when it comes to graduation. I'm human, and I respect anyone that can admit they lose motivation even in their field of interest.
I felt inspired by Sam Jarman's post "Should Students Blog?" (, and I want to share my experiences and the best lessons I took from the last four years. If it helps a high school student or a 50-year-old take on their next challenge, school or not, I will be pleased! If you are a student, I recommend to read Jarman's post and start blogging YESTERDAY. Unfortunately, I regret missing that opportunity, but I am so excited to start now.
I plan to post a developer that has influenced me in each post, so please reach out if you think I should look into someone you admire!
I am on mobile right now, but keep an eye out for my next post where I hop back to 2016.

I would like to give the late Scott Allen my greatest gratitude. He has left a massive mark on the development world, and deserves so much praise.

Thank you for reading!

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