The First Dedicated IDE for React Web Applications is Finally Here - ReacTide 3.0 Beta

EP on August 13, 2019

In addition to the teams behind Netflix, eBay, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, and Facebook, there are currently over 1.3 million websites and applicat... [Read Full]
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Why is this not getting more attention? The tooling for React can surely improve and this nail it.

Android Studio used to be a pain 4 years ago, is still under optimized (your computer could easily heat a small room), having good tooling makes your work comfortable. This is the AS equivalent for React.

If you need more people on the team there is a project called PlayCode 1 dev 1 designer, they have build an amazing sandbox for js and ts, you should at least talk with them.


Appreciate the feedback Erick! Please share as we just launched today.


Does it support hooks?


Yes it does! React hooks and Context API


Can I test 3.0 now? Or is it private

It's officially launched! Check out the website -> reactide.io


Wasn't the first one Nuclide by Facebook?


If you're talking about Nuclear IDE, that was a project based off Reactide 1.0.


Looks amazing! Great job. Will this work when using Typescript?


Yes it should!


Will this work with Preact too? :-)


I am not too sure as I have never used Preact personally but you can definitely try!


it froze after launching it on macOS 10.14.5. am I only one?

edit: after 2 minutes waiting its working back but its not as responsive as VS Code for example


What step was it frozen? It may just be loading


it was frozen during the first "new project" launch, but around after 2 minutes it was responsive again. thanks for asking 😊
P.S. thanks for the article also!

That makes sense, "New Project" takes a bit to load up because it is installing CRA under the hood. Please take some time to give us a star on GitHub. All support is appreciated :)


It is not cloud based


Bummer. Are there any plans to make it cloud-based later?

We are currently looking into it as a possibility


Haven't tested but I'm thinking it should work. Try it out and let me know how it goes!


Would you recommend the IDE for React beginners like me? Or should I stick to text editors until I have gotten a hang of it?


We encourage you to try it out! Because if you simply start with opening a new project, it'll bring you up to a default React app right away and you'll be able to start playing around with react and it skips the process of switching between your browser and your code editor. It would definitely be a good way to start learning react!


Wonderful! Will try it tomorrow


Let us know how it goes!


The ide only supports debain based linux .
It would be awesome if you provide it as a snap.
Or providing instructions on building from source on the docs


It's in the read me -> github.com/reactide/reactide


This is an awesome project!


Amazing idea!
But i wonder why would you be just for react when you can do the same thing for every framework.. Why make the scope so concentrated.


We wanted to cater to the community (React) that have led us to the growth we've experienced as software engineers. We are not trying to compete with giants like VS Code, moreso just optimizing for a specific framework. I would love to see a Vue or Angular dedicated IDE, we decided on React.

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