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Discussion on: Top 5 Things NOT to Say in a Job Interview

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  1. “I want this much money”
    Ask what the range of the salary is. They will probably ask you (or at least the agency will) how much you want. If you provide a range, and they wont, then say "hang on a minute, your prepared to ask me, but wont give me a range? What is wrong with giving me a range?"

  2. “No, I don’t have any questions”
    Don't ask questions for the sake of asking questions, they will spot it. Ask something intelligent or not at all

  3. “Yes, I can do that” (when you can’t)
    Chances are there are aspects of the job you havnt done before. The worse thing you can say is something like "I dont know if I can do it / its going to be a big challenge" etc. If you know you can learn it easily enough, then lie