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How do you vent up your frustrations?

entrptaher profile image Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Updated on ・1 min read

As a freelancer, there are many times I'm really unhappy with clients or my work, maybe like following cases where

  • some didn't pay me,
  • some treats me like a replaceable slave,
  • some doesn't care about my voice,
  • some asks me to draw a red line with blue ink in one day deadline
  • other one gives me a task and vanishes for a month.

Same with being a programmer, many times,

  • Program won't compile because of semicolons,
  • Feels stupid to write tests for things I didn't even built yet,
  • Takes 10 hours to solve an issue just to find the issue was related to some legacy driver version,
  • Too many security issues and exploits to keep in mind,

I've tried to read books, listen to music, get fresh air, play games, get more sleep, work harder etc. but the situation doesn't change.

So how do you vent up your frustration as programmer? Or Maybe it doesn't even have anything to do with programming, maybe it's all about dealing with bad clients?

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Ben Halpern

Exercise! It's so good for the brain.