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Discussion on: What JS Logging library / tool do you use?

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Md. Abu Taher πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» • Edited on

Other than console.log(), there have been morgan, winston, pino and at least hundreds of others.

But, I am very surprised to see no one mentioned debug, it has 22,914,644 weekly downloads as of right this comment.

  • I can filter out and specify different keywords I put beforehand, can use wildcards for multiple keywords/namespace
  • Can have namespace colors
  • Even works on web browser with colorized output
  • can show ms diff between last msg
  • ...lots of other cool features like streams and the list goes on
  • and most importantly it is actively developed

Though it is more of a debugging tool than a logging tool, we do have to log a lot while trying to debug, or in most case debugging is the only goal for logging.

There are obvious gotchas, but who cares as long as I can get to see what I wanted to see.

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Doruk Kutlu

debug module borks when minimized

You need to configure the compression to let some optimizations through

I also couldnt get it to work on an isomorphic app. Minimizing for node.js and tje web require 2 different approaches

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Stijn de Witt

Indeed, debug RULES! So much so I rebuilt my logging lib from scratch so it could incorporate debug's best features.

The biggest gripe I have with it is that it is not full-featured. It basically is ONLY for debug logging. I like to log some info/warning messages as well some times. With debug you still need either a different lib or the console just for that.