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Discussion on: What advice will you give to developers who are just starting their careers?

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Enrique Moreno Tent

Change career.

Just joking. Well, not completely. But to withstand in this area, there are many things you have to remember, or they can really hurt your mind and soul.

  • Ignore jerks. There are MILLIONS in development world.

  • Find something that you think it is fun. Don't just work in anything programming-related, just because. (My case: it was the web)

  • Don't try to take it all at the same time. Start as small as possible. Even if feel the community pressures you to do otherwise. (My case: Just HTML and CSS)

  • Even when you decide to move forward, don't dismiss completely the things that made you happy. You may need them. (My case: I miss the time when all my work was just doing Wordpress themes. Now I have to deal with so many options, and people defending things I find unnecessary in my life)