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Discussion on: Um, What's Next

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Virgo Clarity Author

Hey, I love that idea.
Let me work through the current project first and then I will reach out when I'm ready. Love the idea and think it will be pretty cool.
Love the way you're thinking and your kindness. Thank you.

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Red Cap Tom

Fo sho. By the way - and not to put the heat on - but if failing in the open frightens you (which is perfectly rational), remember that failing in the open is exactly like failing indoors - you still fall on your face.

But in the open, there are often lots and lots of people to put you back up, dust you off and push you in the correct direction again.

Keep on pushing, we got ya. :)

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Virgo Clarity Author

Aww, so kind and motivating.
Thank you for this. It means more than you know.
It can often feel like a solo journey but I'm glad you all are here to help.
And I will help in the ways that I'm able to as well.