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Discussion on: Do you leave jokes in your code? If so, please share!

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Until march last year i worked maintaining a legacy insurance system, tech was Visual Basci 6 + T-Sql Stored Procedures.

Core product was from early 90s and was kept working by applying custom hacks for every customer since the beginning.

When i was about to quit, i was so stressed and angry all the time that i started leaving passive-agressive comments all around the code, not very matture from myself, but i needed to survive there.

I wish i had more screenshots from that time.

One day i inserted an ASCII version of Facebook's angry reaction at the end of a function

angery boii

I also remember writing Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate on top of a really complicated and weird hack i had to do, it was something involving Ms Office automation.

Lots of the funny comments i have are in Spanish, so the joke is gone when translating.

But yes, i put a lot of weird/funny comments on code, the best part is finding it months or even years after.